Driftin Heidi 1985 buckskin. What a grand old mare!!! We had the opportunity to buy this mare in 2005 and took it. We have kept 2 replacement fillies and a stallion prospect out of her. She is co-owned with Mr. Robert Gaskell.

Diamond Moss 1991 bay (left). What a producer!! This mare raises a classy foal every year.

Blue Berry Hancock 1995 sorrel. We purchased this mare out of the Charley Mahler program. She is a great addition to our program.

Way Water
Way Water 1995 chestnut (right). Big, stout and athletic. This is one of the handiest horses I have ever ridden. Cover big country or sorting cattle in the corral she can do either with ease.

Miss Rojo Hayes 1997 sorrel. Co-owned with Mr. Robert Gaskell. Another mare out of the Mahler program. She has the classic Leo look and passes it on to her foals.

Abbies Blue Hancock 1999 bay. One of those mares that can do anything. We have kept a son as a stallion prospect. (photo below right)
Abbies Blue HancockLeos Stormi Echo 2000 black. Big mare with a lot of eye appeal. Raises a keeper every year.

Bonnet Parr Te 2001 blue roan. This mare is maybe our favorite. She was a joy to start and her colts have all been the same way.

Blues Blue Warpoint 2001 blue roan. Another mare out of the Mahler program. Very nice mare that will produce the right kind.

Ms Chexwood 2003 bay. Outstanding young mare that milks like a cow. Her colts are always tops in the pen.

Poco Gold Wendy 2003 palomino. Dappled palomino that was easy to start and fun to ride.

Bucks Diamond MossBucks Diamond Moss 2003 sorrel (left). She was one of our go-to horses.

Blues Roan Lady 2003 bay roan. Well built mare that is as
gentle as one can be.

Anniebelle Drift 2005 buckskin. Co-owned with Mr. Robert Gaskell. Beautiful mare that will be a staple in the band for years to come.

PV Wayward Chip 2007 black. This mare is the kind we want to keep. Good minded, travels well and has a ton of eye appeal.

ARRG Orphans Chip 2008 bay. This mare has the Driftwood look to her and more than that; she has the ability.

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