Blues Kingfisher

Triangle Blue 01 blue roan stallion
Triangle Blue (Charley)

Triangle Blue pedigree
15.0 hh, 1350 lbs
We are very excited and thankful to Mr. Charley Mahler for the addition of this stallion. Charley sports a #2 shoe and is kid friendly. He fits our program like a glove.

Driftin Sandhill 94 red roan stallion
Driftin Sandhill  (Drifter)

Driftin Sandhill pedigree
15.1 hh, 1250 lbs
Drifter is the cornerstone of our program. He can long trot all day and night. Thank you to Mr. Jim West for allowing me to purchase this horse out of his storied program. Having the best of performance pedigrees, Drifter's get are starting to make their way off the ranch and into the arena.

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